Summit Plus Vaporizer
Summit Plus Vaporizer
Summit Plus Vaporizer
Summit Plus Vaporizer

Summit Plus by Vapium

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Product Description

The Summit Plus Vaporizer by Vapium – Vaporizing off the grid.

We love the great outdoors, camping in the wilderness and long adventures so for us the Summit Plus Vaporizer is the ultimate travelling companion. It was created for the passionate outdoor enthusiast and adventurer who like to vape on the go. The Summit Plus Vaporizer is a rugged portable vaporizer that is reliable and delivers smooth, crisp vapour. And it only gets better…….  Vapium also released the Spring Solar Charger, a solar-powered battery pack that has an LED flashlight, two USB-outputs and one micro-USB input. What could be better than a vaporizer that is powered by the Sun and can be used while it is charging. Infact any vaporizer that can be charged with a USB cable can use the Vapium Spring. The Summit Plus Vaporizer allows you to vape where no man has vaped before.

The Summit Plus Vaporizer is so simple and easy to use. Just hold down the Power button and that’s basically it. It has 8 temperature settings so you can choose the heat level that will provide you with the best vapour for your herbal blend. Once turned on, it will vibrate. Select your desired temperature and once that is reached it will vibrate again. It heats up very quickly and reaches your desired temperature in under a minute. This is a conduction style vape, which means that the chamber heats up and you pull the air through by inhaling. All materials used in its construction are food safe and medical grade so you get a good amount of visible vapour that tastes good.

We are so impressed with this Solar Charger by Vapium, you can take it anywhere and be off the grid for days. One whole side of the Spring Solar Charger is a solar panel, it’s super well protected with a durable plastic casing and rubber shock mounts completely surrounding the perimeter.  It’s the size of a smartphone which is perfect because the Spring can charge your phone too while its charging your Summit Plus Vaporizer, or any other vaporizer that can be charged via a USB cable. There’s a green light to tell you the solar panel is actively taking in rays. With a full charge the Spring should be able to charge a portable vape and a smartphone one time each.

Included in the cleaning kit is a brush, some pipe cleaners, an extra chamber screen, and a few alcohol wipes. The oven lid and the mouthpiece are both held in place magnetically, which is really convenient and helps keep maintenance low.

Product Features:

  • For Aromatic Blends
  • Easy to draw vapour
  • High Quality Construction – Food and medical grade materials air pathway and heating chamber
  • Tested in cold and extreme weather conditions and water resistant
  • Lithium-Ion Battery – up to 1 hour of continuous use at 210°C
  • Automatic Shut off
  • 8 Temperature Presets
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Weather-Friendly USB Protection
  • Use While Charging
  • Vibration Notification

Included with your Summit Plus Vaporizer:

  • Micro USB Power Adapter and Wall Charger
  • Dry Bag
  • Cleaning Kit with Cleaning Brush, Elongated Cleaning Brushes, Cleaning Wipes, Stir/Pick Tool, and Extra Screens
  • User Manual

Additional Information

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2 reviews for Summit Plus by Vapium

  1. 5 out of 5


    Sitting in the Karoo, just me, my summit plus and my SPRING solar charger. Life does not get any better than this!!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Took my Summit camping and worked like a dream with the SPRING Solar charger keeping it charged … and I could use the USB on my SPRING for my cellphone as well..AWESOME GUYS

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